Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc. is a not for profit care facility located on the North West Coast of Tasmania which has been in operation since 1969.  We are a stand alone care facility under the auspice of the St Vincent de Paul Society.  Mt St Vincent Nursing Home is an incorporated association managed by a Committee of Management known as the Board, which is selected by the St Vincent de Paul Society and led by a Chairperson.  On a day to day basis Mt St Vincent Nursing Home is managed by an onsite Chief Executive Officer/Director of Nursing. 


What are our privacy obligations?

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc.  recognises and is governed by the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988), including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home aims to ensure we manage personal information in an open and transparent way and to comply with legislative requirements. 

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home has a duty to hold and handle personal information responsibly.  Your personal information is information about you that can identify you; this includes your name, date of birth, address and can also include information such as your email address. 


What kind of personal information do we collect & hold?

We collect personal information, sensitive information and health information,

Health information is information about your health.  

Sensitive information is information about your membership or professional or trade associations, criminal record and other information of a sensitive nature. 

Personal information is information about you, such as: (but not limited to) your emergency contact persons details, bank account details etc. 


Why we collect your personal information?

It is necessary to collect information in order to ensure we meet our legal obligations; some of the information we collect is required by law.  Information assists with providing a safe work environment.  Refusal to supply personal information may result in the your inability to work and/or volunteer at Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc.    


Surveillance Cameras monitor some external exit/entry doors & external courtyards.  These are for security purposes only.  At times in order to provide our health care service surveillance cameras may be utilised in regard to resident care.


How do we collect & hold your information?

We collect information directly from you and in certain circumstances from others such as health professionals, referees, competency/medical tests, performance feedback, compliments/complaints, workplace accidents/incidents, insurance investigations, litigation, professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry. 

Photographs are a form of information.  Photographs are collected for identification & social purposes.  Staff/volunteers may choose not to have social photographs taken. 

Information is stored securely on site.  Hardcopy information is stored in designated storage areas which are secured.  Security measures include locked filing cabinets and door locks/pass codes.  Staff/volunteer information is located in administration offices and accessible by staff relevant to management and administration.  General staff are not authorised to access to this information.   Computerised information is backed up onsite and protected by security firewalls and virus scanning software.  A monthly back up of this information is held securely off site with a member of the Mt St Vincent Nursing Home Management Team.  Information is deidentified using a numbering system and then stored off site for archiving. 


Using personal information Your personal information will/may be used for; actual/possible work placement, appraisal meetings, training needs, workplace rehabilitation needs, management of complaints, insurance claims, rostering purposes, medical reasons, regulatory compliance e.g. superannuation/taxation and payroll needs and as such may be disclosed to referees, insurers, government organisations & agencies,  professional associations/registration bodies, workers compensation bodies, return to work coordinators and authorised individuals within our organisation  Your information is not disclosed to overseas recipients and is not used for any third party commercial marketing.  If you wish Mt St Vincent Nursing Home to provide information to an external party such as for a reference or credit agency enquiries you must notify the management and/or office staff prior to the request for information being made by the external organisation.


Data Breach You will be advised of any data breach that may cause serious harm to you.


Quality/accurate information Mt St Vincent Nursing Home aim to keep personal information relevant, accurate, complete and up-to-date.  Please ensure you assist us with this by notification of change/new personal information. 


Accessing your personal information If you want to look at and check your Personal Information, please advise our Chief Executive Officer.  We will endeavour to provide this information to you promptly, and we will provide you with suitable accommodation when looking at your information. 


What if you feel the information is incorrect If you feel the personal information Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc. hold regarding you is not accurate please bring this to the attention of the facility Director of Nursing/Chief Executive Officer who is the facility Privacy Officer who will work through these issues with you to ensure accurate personal information regarding you is held. 


Complaints Process If you believe that Mt. St. Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc. has not acted in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or the consent you have given us, you may lodge a complaint with the Chief Executive Officer in person, by phone, fax, email or in writing.  We will endeavour to quickly and courteously resolve any complaint you may wish to make.  In the first instance any concerns regarding privacy should be directed to the Director of Nursing/Chief Executive Officer (Privacy Officer).  This may be done anonymously or under a pseudonym (fictitious name) if you prefer.  Correspondence should be addressed to:


Corrie Ploeg

Privacy Office

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc.       

P.O. Box 303                                                                 

Ulverstone   Tas.   7315  


Phone: 03 6425 2166

Fax: 03 6425 4293                            



If you are not satisfied with the internal complaint process and believe that Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc. has not satisfactorily resolved your complaint you can refer your complaint to the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission;


Director of Complaints

Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

G.P.O. Box 9819                                        Phone:  1800 951 822

HOBART  TAS  7001     


The full Mt St Vincent Nursing Home & Therapy Centre Inc. Australian Privacy Principles Privacy Policy is available to you upon your request.